Revenge Wing

I guess Republicans just can't help themselves sometimes, but it really seems like we get some of our very best framing from their lame attempts to insult us. They really are just that incompetent. So after some Bush aide tried to diss the academics, bloggers, and other fact-using types as the "reality-based community", within a matter of days the phrase had caught fire and you had Dems everywhere declaring themselves proud members of the reality-based community.

So anyway, I'm hoping this one catches on as well, because it really captures something of what's necessary in these times. One of digby's commentators is apparently dubbing us the "Revenge Wing of the Democratic Party" now:

It took this recent post by Digby and this morning’s column by Krugman for me to “get it.? If you are a conservative, you should read the two pieces, not to criticize them nor ridicule them, but to understand their perspective. As briefly as possible, Krugman and Digby are speaking for the ‘Revenge Wing’ of the Democratic Party. “The GOP and big corporations are evil incarnate and we need to be ready to rumble, willing to do “what it will take to turn a progressive agenda into reality.?

These 21st Century Savonarolas believe that the next (Democratic) president must be willing to take the fight the enemy (the Republicans) and be willing to do whatever is necessary.

Um, here here!

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