Christmas in Texas

The sister and dad waiting for the rest of the carolers to arrive at our Posada's starting point last night.

Obviously, catching up with family and eating foolish quantities of tamales and fruitcake take precedence over blogging. But I do want to mention that the yearly Posada was a hit as always. I can only assume that for most people it's quite rare for carolers to wander by and sing at your doorstep, because newcomers to the neighborhood are generally delighted but also confused by the whole affair. In our culture, after all, it's almost never a good thing when somebody knocks on your door unexpectedly. Even if it's just your neighbors. I guess that's been true for a while, though, if you listen to the lyrics of A-Wassailing:

We are not daily beggars who beg from door to door / but we are neighbors' children whom you have seen before!

So merry Christmas or preferred holiday of choice, everyone! I'll be here in Texas, thawing out, for the next week.

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