New Year

I suppose global warming can mostly be said to be rendering Minnesota more habitable. Still, it was pretty weird spending yesterday morning slogging around in ankle-deep ice water trying to clear melting slush from the walks. With limited success, I should note: you could definitely ice skate in the breezeway beside my house.

While it's maybe a little late for new year's memes, since I've been doing this one for a couple of years now, I feel like keeping up the tradition.

So, to summarize EGAD's year, in 2007 I published 108 posts, a little under half of which were categorized as Narrative (then, in descending order, Politics, Science, and Entrances to the Labyrinth). EGAD got 15,308 hits, probably one-third of which was my dozen or so regular readers. Most of the rest came from Google. For most of the year, the top draw appears to have been my maps and photographs from the trip to the Sinai back in 2005, but starting in November I started getting a lot of visitors looking for information about Comet Holmes. The internets at large continue to care not one whit about my musings on grad student life, politics, or science. That's pretty unsurprising, as Jorge Cham takes care of the first, and there's whole blogospheres devoted to the latter two.

And as for every year, here we have the first and last sentence of each month of 2007:


... I apparently was on blog-vacation all month.


First: Groundhog Day... as good a day as any to bring my blog-vacation to a close.
Last: Via Pandagon, because cows with guns are catchy:


First: So it looks like the Duluth zoo's porcupine was right -- here we are in our fourth week of rather conspicuous winter since the conflicting predictions of Groundhog's Day.
Last: In an effort to keep you folks up-to-date, let's assume a couple-posts-per-week schedule for now while things percolate.


First: I am, however, amused by the fact that the United States Postal Service webpage now has a "Star Wars Experience" on/off button.
Last: The list also includes a bunch of medieval European inns and breweries, which pretty much tells you all you need to know about Europe.


First: I was probably six or eight when I picked up Azimov's Foundation trilogy.
Last:: Just a quick question to brighten your Sunday morning: does it invoke Godwin's Law to point out that the Bush administration is actually lifting its doublespeak from the Gestapo?


First: Collaborators leave town tomorrow; then I rejoin the outside world.
Last: Okay, I'll go to bed now.


First: Life with the CSA has been an adventure so far -- you don't realize the degree to which laziness nudges variety out of your diet until you're confronted with eating from a box full of whatever happens to be ripe this week.
Last: And finally, I would be remiss if I failed to cite the newly-discovered Cheney Superposition (via Dean)


First: So first of all, I was nowhere near the bridge.
Last: Best of luck to Sean Fritz and Tim McQuillan; I think the next few months will be very interesting for them.


First: Friday night I was out at O'Brien running a Universe in the Park event, and throughout the evening I and the attendees kept noticing a highly unusual number of bright meteors in the sky.
Last: I also learned some trivia about brown eggs.


First: No, I haven't abandoned the blog.
Last: Since we've got clear skies here, I plan to take the telescope for another spin, even despite the cold I'm battling.


First: It's Guy Fawkes, er ... Counterterrorism Day.
Last: Which might explain why I enjoy cranking up the old refractor and fiddling around until I can take acceptable photos with whatever cheap equipment I have handy. It's just fun.


First: First of December, and right on cue it's snowing.
Last: I'll be here in Texas, thawing out, for the next week.

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