I'm about as big a political nerd as you'll find not actually working in a campaign, and I did not watch the State of the Union address last night. I also turned off the radio this morning when NPR was about to replay it. See, I already knew it would be vacuous and asinine. It is a given that it would leave me angry, and needing a shower to rinse off the stupid. Plus this year, as lame ducks go, last Thanksgiving's Tofurkey is getting around better than President Junior.

Also, now we have people like Obama to tell you all you really needed to know about the speech:

(That, and the magic of the amazing TV-replacing intertubes.)

And now, since it's five below and the windchill just broke -20 °F (And oh, c'mon! The sun just set!) and both are falling fast, I'm going to go catch a bus. And only leave the house again if it's actually on fire. Because at least then my front yard would probably be toasty.

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