Blogging the Hunt

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Okay, every few years I try this, and it rarely works as well as I'd like, but let's give it another shot.

Ladies and gentlemen, for the next few days I will be in Chicago engaging in the general merriment and mayham known as the University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt. The list will be released midnight Thursday morning (and should appear at the official site soon afterwards, replacing the parody placeholder list currently there), but Wednesday will be pretty busy. For one thing, my team (the Lush Puppies mark VIII: FIST point Set:...:Heroic Furry Gut Monks -- the name just keeps on growing) is still working out where it will be headquartered, among other things. The presently leading option is to erect a giant tent on one of the University quads. I don't mean this facetiously, either -- this is actually the option we are currently most likely to take.

Obviously, this is going to be awesome. Time permitting, I'm going to try and bring you all along for the ride.

1 Comment

Good luck Milligan! I'm looking forward to the posts.

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