T - 5 Hours, and the Open Team


Not much photogenic happening today. List release is in about five hours, and today has been a day of frantic gathering. Gathering of resources, gathering in of people from parts far flung, gathering of mental and spiritual reserves. I spent most of the day frantically programming, first on an overnight bus, then at a Panera downtown, but mostly at Moomers, the apartment named after a long-gone cat.

The tent-headquarters project is coming along, despite the soggy conditions today. I don't know if it will be inhabitable in time for list release, but it's going to be a tremendously impressive thing. We're talking 400 or so square feet of workspace, with power, heat, reasonably impermeable roof and walls, probably wood flooring. Since we're situated not in some building but in a relatively open structure in the middle of a heavily-trafficked quad, the judges were concerned and issued threats of dire consequence should ne'er-do-wells sabotage our exposed workings. We issued a counter-message: come one, come all, rival teams and bystanders alike, and see how a real ScavHunt team works.


Was this cleared with University Facilities and the UCPD? Those should be your primary concerns.

Amazingly, yes. They even turned on the electricity for us at the nearby outdoor outlets. Max is officially the sweetest sweet-talker ever.

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