Day One in Tent-HQ

The tent-quarters is turning out to be a remarkable thing. Roomy and actually fairly warm during the day, it's kind of odd to be planning and building in a room whose walls are constantly flapping and whipping to and fro. It's a good thing we built it to be sturdy, though, because this giant thing catches an awful lot of wind.
FIST Tent-HQ from afar -- that's a pretty good-sized tent for duct tape, tarp, and PVC.

As far as actual scavenging goes, it seems like we got off to a slow start but we're ramping up pretty quickly. Things are in motion for most of the events, from human Pac-Man in the stacks in a few hours, to initial planning for the big cooking items on Saturday. While we have the skills to pull off most of the big engineering projects (guitar maglev, sword forging, Zeusaphone, etc.) we need to figure out which ones we actually have the manpower to pull off.
The view from inside. It's like a TARDIS in here. Also, apparently we like art.


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