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So I forgot to mention: in case you hadn't found it already, the ScavHunt list is posted at the official site now. It's shorter than normal, partly because our ScavWarrior (who has been summarily abducted to Vegas) is working through her own list in places remote, and partly because there are more big project items this year. Having less than 300 items to keep track of is not a bad thing. Especially because so many of them are awesome.

Incidentally, the Judges are also blogging the Hunt. The site was created a few days ago, but only got interesting once the Hunt started.

I think the coolest thing I'm going to be directly involved with is going to be the "Zeusaphone" (although ours will be significantly less precise and more jury-rigged than the one in the video). Tesla coils always make for a fun project. We're starting by replicating the coil I built for Scavhunt 2006, which turned out not visually very impressive, but to be the World's Loudest (-ish) Thing. It also had a knack for punching holes in glass insulators and incinerating the things you were trying to wirelessly power with it. Ah, technology!

However, the item that's got everybody worked up at the moment is more of a show-and-tell.
Judge Jess in front of the GASH's effort.

Apparently sometime this year, the Judges were all out on the road and saw one of these driving on the highway beside them, and collectively lost it. So they made a bet that the Scavvies couldn't bring them one. Thus, item 51: a De Lorean.

The FIST's effort: the De Lorean we found didn't have any plates. Thus unroadworthy, we instead went to the car. Notice the banner of the Ill-Advised Potato. This dates back to 2003, when we were named "Deleuzean Potato" and managed to capture this banner from some University event and modify it to our needs. Not visible: the Chinese lettering on the back that reads "Bad-idea potato".


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