Scav Embraces Antique Cultures


Let it never be said that the ScavHunt does not embrace history. Indeed, Scav revels and frolics in history.

(Right about now I'm somewhere in the midst of my sister's wedding, but I'm writing this the morning before I leave. Thus, it's weekend photo filler time!)

For the ScavParty, the FIST was assigned Vikings. We are good at being Vikings, so all was well. Sadly, the Powers That Be disallowed mead, but we did bring the ship. Yes, that thing in the background is a mast.
For one of the more disturbing items this year, allow me to introduce Mouse-ho-tep. Yup, that's a mouse that's been carefully mummified according to Pharonic-era Egyptian burial procedures (although we skimped on the 40-day embalming, for obvious reasons). Complete with tiny organs in tiny canopic jars. Janice is probably going to be scarred for life, but click to enlarge if you want to check out her handiwork.
We were somewhat less strict in observing correct practices when we made a mummy out of Sam. Heavens, I don't think we embalmed him at all!



This is an erroneous comment designed to inform you that I've tagged you for a meme.

And also, maybe next year we'll have to fly Sawyer up to participate in the Scavtivities.

it seems like you had fun!! just wondering how well did the toilet paper hold up when making that antique statue aka Mummy??

Taking your comment at face value, TP makes a perfectly acceptable mummy wrap for the five minutes or so that we needed a mummy.

Less charitably, I edited the above comment because it's obvious actual intent was to disseminate linkage to the author's antique shopping-themed link farm spam blog. Now it no longer serves that purpose.

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