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It appears that my last content-ful post was back in May; it now being August, I'm retroactively declaring that EGAD observes summer vacation this year.

In reality, though, I stepped away from the blog because EBEX, the experiment I've been working on for the past several years, was scheduled for a test flight this fall, and all Hell predictably broke loose as we stretched and struggled to get it ready to fly. As that flight has now been postponed to the spring, I think the pressure has subsided sufficiently that I can go back to blogging, although I don't yet know what the posting schedule is likely to be.

What I can say is that there will be a few posts coming up soon, as I clean up and clear out the half-written posts that have accumulated over the past couple of months. It continues to be the case that I read an enormous amount online, and I'm not even going to try to summarize everything interesting that I read, but I probably will put up a few link-dump posts.

I'm intrigued that my monthly traffic only fell by around 20% over two months of non-posting -- I suspect this is because my archived posts are rather popular with the search engines. However, that other 20% is probably most of my regular readers, which means that it may be a while before anybody actually reads this. (Not actually true, as it will show up in RSS feeds and the LJ feed shortly, but people reading EGAD that way probably don't show up in the site counter, either.)

I bet more of you would click through and visit the site if the comment system was less flaky. I should look into that.

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