I suppose I should mention, one reason why I've been terrible at blogging lately is the chaos that is my lab right now. The experiment I work on is designed to hang underneath a giant balloon, so as you might imagine, assembling it requires something like a hanger bay. We don't have one here, but our collaborators at Columbia have one north of New York City. And so now that we're ready to try putting all the pieces together (pretty much just to see if they fit), we're preparing to pack up the lab and head to New York for several weeks.

I leave on Tuesday. There are a number of things I have to do, pack, ship, etc., before then.

Fun fact: this will be the second presidential election in a row in which I will have had to vote absentee due to science-related travel. (Last time I was in Israel.)

Also fun: It is twice the distance to walk from the lab we'll be working in to the apartment we're renting than to walk to goodguyseatpie's place in Dobbs Ferry. I foresee outings to the tasty vegetarian Mexican restaurant he frequents there.

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