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So the first polls close in a few minutes, but unless you live in Indiana or Kentucky, you've still got time to vote if you haven't already. On a day of record turnout across the country, you can almost accurately say that absolutely everyone else is doing it. Even in a totally safe state like New York, my sister apparently faced down a three-block long line to vote this morning. But don't let the lines scare you. Elections are one of the last truly participatory community events left in this country.

Hey, you don't have to take my word for it.

sparky-rock.jpg -- cybershrimp.jpg
Sparky the Rockstar and the Clockwork Shrimp command you to vote.
Sparky is not my work, but I did make the shrimp.

Now off to curl up with some cable news and some wireless internet. Hah, like I was going to get any work done today as it was. Sadly, I will probably have to pass on the enormous block party rumored to be in the works in Harlem tonight.

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Clockwork shrimp!!!

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