Painting a picture

Let me paint a picture for you.

Looking over the rail of a bridge on a winter evening, in the foreground snow-bound rails wind away behind trees. The middle distance is underlined by the blue smear of a highway bridge's lights spanning the unseen frozen river, and obscured by clouds billowing horizontally from riverside power plants. These clouds drape lazily across the skyline glittering sharply in the background below a dusky blue sky punctuated by a setting Venus.

This is a photo I'd like to have taken, but I didn't bother packing my camera today. I've found that the batteries freeze up below -5ˆF or so, which was roughly the high temperature today. A secondary concern, of course, was the fact that I'd have to stand around on a bridge for a while, in subzero weather with my heavy gloves off, while setting up for a low-light shot. Brr.

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