100 Hours

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It's just worth noting that, as of 7 AM this morning (CST), we entered the final 100 hours of the Bush regime.

I should have thought to load up on fireworks. But I probably have some leftovers lying around.

The photo I wanted to take yesterday -- it would have looked something like this, but you have to imagine the clear sky, steam, tracks, and snow, since I took this photo back in September, from a different bridge, in quite different weather. But still...

Minneapolis skyline from the Dinkytown pedestrian bridge, September 2008. As I recall, I was being accosted by Mormons at the time. They always travel in pairs; one of them seemed sincerely interested in astronomy, while the other one hung back and looked exceedingly bored. I was so charmed that I completely forgot to mess with their heads. Much.

1 Comment

Mormons.... there is some hard evidence that the universe has a sense of humor.

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