One of those fortnights...

Yup, I've been absent from the blog for a while, but I totally have an excuse. Excuses, actually, because it's just been one thing after another the past few weeks.

Mostly, two things. The first, about which I probably shouldn't get much into specifics on the ever-googlin' internet, consisted of fun with immigration lawyers, weeks of collating and collecting various sorts of documents, and a fairly nerve-wracking (in anticipation, mostly) interview with the DHS-based successor to the INS. Very provisionally, we are in the clear now, but for the next ninety days or so keep your fingers crossed for Elena nonetheless.

The second, about which I will happily get into specifics, is that here I am, barely a week after putting Item #1 to bed, getting ready for a one-way flight to New Mexico. It's finally time to give EBEX a test flight, so I'm off to the tiny hamlet of Ft. Sumner for a couple of months to get it into the air. Or rather, since that part isn't really in my bailiwick, I'll be making sure it knows what to do once we unplug the cords, and that we can still talk to it up there. I'll be sure to post photos, as this run should be more visually interesting than last year's trip to New York.

Exciting, to be sure, but this means that come June, in the first nine months of our marriage I will have been away on various sorts of field campaigns for almost exactly half that time. Fear my powers of awesome timing. Those of you who know her, try to keep Elena company for me?

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