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There is now a Minnesota House in Ft. Sumner. Asad, Jeff, and I moved out of the motel yesterday into a house just outside of town that we'll be renting for the duration. Unlike the previous houses we observed, it is clean and altogether not depressing. It has such a fully functional kitchen that we threw a housewarming dinner party right away. Unfortunately it has no internet access yet -- that will hopefully be fixed by the end of the week. Have I mentioned that the locals are ridiculously accommodating of us "NASA folks," as we're called?

By request, here's a wide-angle view of the highbay where I'm spending my days. More in-depth blogging will resume when I have a network connection from elsewhere than the lab.

The Ft. Nevis highbay, framed by the gantry crane, with our partially assembled gondola in centerstage.

If you're interested in a more voluminous photostream, our postdoc Asad has been updating his Picasa galleries daily. Sadly, his camera is nicer than mine.

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What high ceilings you have.

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