Digby today:

All day I've been seeing torture apologists all over TV frantically trying to block this particular line of inquiry. They know that it's potentially the most explosive revelation of all. If the White House ordered torture to try to get the prisoners to falsely confess to links between al Qaeda and Iraq ... well all bets are off.

I have to say that even in all my cynicism about the Cheney gang, this didn't occur to me, but now it seems obvious. They used torture techniques that were specifically designed to get false confessions after all. Is it really reasonable to believe they did that by accident?

We all sort of suspected that the misdeeds of the Bush administration would gradually come out under a new government, but I've actually been rather surprised at how quickly things seem to be unraveling for the Bush crew. While it's pretty clear that Obama really wants no part of the "looking backwards" that reestablishing the rule of law is going to entail, it would also appear that he is content to stand back and let the law reassert itself, and given the magnitude of the crimes involved that might just be enough.

I alluded to the prospect of false confessions a couple of years ago, but I have to agree that even I'm not cynical enough to have suspected that that was the point of this whole affair. Let the war crimes trials begin.

Sunset from the Ft. Sumner airport.

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