Five years ago today I kicked off this blog. Almost exactly twenty-five years before that, I was born. I didn't write anything on the occasion my birth, but here is what I wrote back in 2004:

So, the abbreviated version goes something like this: My advisor says, "You're coming with me to Israel for six months." And I say, "Er, um, okay. That sounds interesting."

And then umpteen dozen people (which is to say, at least five or six) announced that they wanted regular updates. It occurred to me that there might even be people who would find such dispatches interesting, who had not said anything to me. More likely, the resulting barrage of "look at me, I'm standing on a rock!" emails would make some of the outspoken regret their pluck.

Hence I turn to that lovely genre of the new millenium, the travel blog. Which you are reading. Good for you.

EGAD is not, for the most part, a travel blog anymore. The Israel adventure turned out to be more like a year of generally languid globe-hopping before I managed to return. But after that there were several years when my traveling was limited to holiday trips, conferences, and such, as in labs here and elsewhere EBEX gradually took shape. In the meanwhile, under the slow grind of grad school and the Bush administration, EGAD morphed into a politics-and-life-diary blog.

I've been sort of trying to get beyond that, as the internet has more than enough of those already, and I'm not all that especially good at it. I'd rather write about science. Plus, with EBEX having flown and in redevelopment to fly again, I'm traveling again.

So after a long hiatus (and I really did need it to recover from the madness of the New Mexico campaign) EGAD is coming back. Or I'm coming back to it. Happy birthday, me.

P.S. In the meantime, UThink upgraded their Movable Type installation, and I've managed to somewhat fudge the site template in an effort to merge the new bits with a lot of old and crufty blog. I'll gradually get it looking good again!

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