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Happy Halloween, folks! Elena probably managed her creepiest costume yet -- mostly derived from my closet -- but as my camera was out of commission I'll have to get photos from those that had working gear before I have them to post.

Some updates. Elena received what we think is her 9th drivers' license, since every time some aspect of her immigration status changes, her license gets invalidated and has to be replaced. For some reason they don't update the expiration date when they do that, so the license she just received is good until June 2010, about seven months from now. Woo.

There are local elections all over the nation on Tuesday. If you know anyone in Maine, give them a ring and remind them to vote to preserve marriage equality there.

The most perplexing vote here is on Charter Amendment 168, which if passed would have the effect of abolishing the Minneapolis Board of Estimate and Taxation. I am tentatively convinced that this should not pass, and will vote against, but it seems like a somewhat silly thing to ask the city voters to have an opinion on. It essentially comes down to feeling that the question is ill-posed, and a poorly thought-out way of accomplishing a potentially reasonable goal, and so I prefer the generally adequate status quo instead.

Tidbits: Details are just coming out about massive information security breaches at Wal-Mart a few years ago. Interesting read; will make you paranoid if you've ever used a credit card there (or at Sams Club, etc).

Supposedly, this is a cake.

Nifty gadget for those of you that spend a lot of time writing LaTeX and such: DeTeXify. Can't remember the code for some symbol. It's a hassle to look up, especially if you're not really sure what it's called. But via the magic of fuzzy classification algorithms, this web app lets you draw the symbol and will try to suggest what it is you're thinking of. Nifty!

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