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Going offline

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Today's weather: Rainy with a high of 62 F; a strong cold front will drop temperatures into the 20s-30s overnight.

Today's weather in Madrid: Fair, high of 86 F, falling to 54 F overnight.

Today's weather in Rehovot: Scattered clouds, high of 96 F, overnight low of 69 F.

Going offline in a moment, and apparently not a moment too soon. So long, suckers! Enjoy the winter.

Done at school

Having made my journal club talk, my responsibilities here are complete.

Title slide of the talk I gave today.

And with that, some last-minute shopping awaits. After which, there shall be packing, interspersed with yelling at the tele during the debates. Tally-ho.

Surveying the Conflict

In visiting Israel, the elephant in the room, the reason everybody keeps telling me to stay off the busses, is the low-level civil war they've had going for the past few years. The State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs cheerfully declares that Americans should reconsider travel to Israel. But then again, and not to suggest that Powell thinks Americans are complete wussies or anything, they also warn that all travel to that big place called "abroad" might be considered risky.

I needed a book

Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 07:40:20 -0500 (CDT)
From: "P.E. Robinson" 
To: Michael Milligan 
Subject: Re: being cheap

You can borrow my copy if...

you can give me a quantitative answer to this:

are there more stars in the universe than grains of sand on the Earth?

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