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Wedding Photos #2

As is some sort of Scottish-derived tradition, the bride and groom cut the cake using a "wedding sword" given them by the best man. This one is a bit larger than custom really requires. Then again, some might argue, so was the quantity of cake. 2004:12:14 21:32:03

And here we go, continuing the documentary spree, as it were. Below, a bit of setting.

Late update: Xylo the groomsman has his version in photos, for those of you so inclined.

Wedding Photos #1

The lucky couple themselves. Did you know that if you say "Laura and Sawyer" too many times, it eventually comes out as Lawyer? The priest did this at least twice during the wedding service. 2004:12:14 22:39:03

Never did get the laptop onto the internet well enough to post pictures. Pity, that. But now that I'm back in Israel and can just plug my drive directly into the 'net, here they come, just as fast as I can crop and color-correct them. So here's the first batch. As usual, I'll dump high resolution versions on the web if there's demand.

So, without further ado, congratulations to Laura and Sawyer. They make a lovely couple.

Take Two


Got back to Israel today.

Interesting that the prevailing winds actually make this flight over three hours shorter than going in the opposite direction. But we just about made that up sitting on the tarmak in Newark, so it's still been an aggravatingly long time on a plane.

Now that I'm beginning my second two-ish month stint here, I'd like to resolve to get out more. It's kind of embarassing how little of this place I've seen so far. But I have the excuse that all autumn I was busy with the run-up to various things. No such excuse this time.

Below the fold: incompetence.

Signs of the Apocalypse


We started worrying when, in the space of a month, four hurricanes struck Florida, the Red Sox won the World Series, and a plague of locusts descended on Israel. Now we can add another one to the list: a white Christmas in south Texas.

My sister's been proclaiming global warming all morning.

Now go endorse that holiday check from the relatives over to the ICRC or your own favorite relief agency. Snow is fun and fluffy, but tsunamis are neither.

Merry Christmas

I blinked and suddenly it's Christmas Eve!

Normally, south Texas has much the same climate as central Israel, but you wouldn't know it from the weather since I've been here. Which has given me an excuse to keep a merry little fire going in the Franklin stove. Otherwise my stay in San Antonio has been a blur of decorating, cooking, sorting out relatives' travel woes (my sister is no longer a big fan of Northwest Air, and is now more familiar than she'd ever wanted to be with the Oklahoma City bus station), and generally pulling off the family's annual caroling-slash-Posada-slash-Christmas party. Being as the air temperature has been hanging about just on the toasty side of freezing, attendance was low, but fun was had. Wimps. The wind chill back in Minnesota last night was flirting with that magical point where the Farenheit and centigrade scales cross.

But I can't complain. They don't even have Christmas back in Israel.

Photos of wedding, caroling, and whatever else strikes my fancy, once I have time to sort out getting my laptop online properly.

Wedding Accomplished

"I have come here to chew bubble gum and get married ... and I'm all out of bubble gum." -- Sawyer

So the wedding went off in Atlanta without any user-visible hitches, and a lovely one it was. I'm jetlagged and have the collaborators' meeting in the morning, but watch this space for pictures. Stats so far: Tuesday lasted for 30 hours and I covered 10,350 kilometers, give or take.

Sorry for not posting from Atlanta like I claimed I would, but my laptop was having issues with its wireless card (fixed with a kernel update now that I'm in my sister's apartment and can connect directly).


Somewhere -- actually, 10,670 kilometers from here in Georgia according to my e-ticket -- there is a hotel with my name on it. Or to be more precise, a hotel containing friends of mine who have agreed to let me crash in their suite for a day. Supposedly it has wireless, too, so that's probably where you'll hear from me next.

In about 26 hours. Over 16 of which will be spent on airplanes or in airports. Woo.

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