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It's true, Scavhunt does have a tendency to (mis)appropriate internet phenomena, and frequently does so on their own turf. When Slashdot appeared, Scavhunt got Slashdotted; when Google took over the world, we tried to get Scavhunt onto the Google homepage. When was all the rage in social networking, we gave the world for a few months.

These days videoblogging is suddenly big, thanks to services like YouTube taking most of the hosting complications out of the picture. And Scavhunt is there, too. Check it out -- Scavhunt in motion!

I especially recommend my team's documentary on liquid nitrogen.



For the past few months I've been hearing about the MegaBus service, which recently made it to Minneapolis. A European company with a line of inter-city express busses has set up shop in the Midwest, running a limited selection of nonstop routes between Chicago and other regional destinations in what is clearly designed as a minimal-overhead operation. Booking is, so far as I can tell, almost entirely online and automated. In Chicago, they claim to leave from Union Station, which is true insofar as the bus pulls up to a sign on the sidewalk outside Union Station's entrance; in Minneapolis it dropped me outside the University Ave. parking garage.

On the upside, the ride is quicker than Greyhound's (nonstop, after all), and ranges from 60% of the Greyhound ticket price to practically free, depending on various factors. Also, since there's no depot or luggage check, I could in principle exceed the 50-pound per-bag Greyhound limit, so long as I can still lift my kit into the under-carriage stowage. The ride was far less crowded than I'm used to, but that's probably because the service is relatively new and apparently spreading mostly through word-of-mouth so far. I wouldn't be surprised if they do well, but it would be money prudently spent to erect some awnings to wait under before next winter arrives. All in all, I'm sold for the time being.

us_map.gif Map of MegaBus's routes, from their homepage. Minimalist.

Post-Hunt Awesome

Recalling Scav '99: The Breeder Reactor. Fred and Justin smoking in their radiation suits outside a shed on the Ida Noyes lawn, which contained the reactor and was topped with an enormace purple Grimace. I've been looking for this photo for many years, and just located it this week. Apparently the UofC News Office somehow got ahold of it, and posted it here.

The 20th Great Hunt ended Sunday. There will be more extensive coverage here (and I'll round up links, too), once I can sit down and do some proper writing and webbing. At the moment I'm posting off the wireless net in a student lounge on campus, and must soon head out to get ready for my evening bus trek back North.

Sweet hunt this year -- good items, amazing team, although in terms of points the only real winner was Weathorr, the Norse God of Crappy Midwestern Weather invented by ScavHunt '04. At 300 points per city block plunged into seemingly eternal darkness (a real item this year), the Judges figure Weathorr racked up about 30 billion points this week.

You know what else is sweet? This photograph, which I've been looking for since about 2000. From my first year of Scaving, the Breeder Reactor in a Shed itself. Apparently enough time has passed that Admin can laugh at these things now.


And here I am. Greyhound dropped me in Chicago early this morning, so this post is coming to you from the computer lab of my old dorm. Now that I've shed about fifty pounds of tools and equipment, I am far more portable than before, too.

Today I'll be here and there, but this is probably my last stint online until more towards evening. If you need me, call the cell. The number is in the FIST database if you don't have it.

The jazz band playing the Graduation March out on the Mall tells me it's that time of year. (And by the by: wow, state schools. An altogether unnatural number of robed undergrads just spent half an hour processing into the auditorium. Moreso: they'll be doing this in batches all week!) More to my point, it's ScavHunt time. This year I'll be travelling Monday night, landing in the Windy City Tuesday morn; call it T-40 hours to List Release.

My plans thenceforward still require some ironing. I travel heavy for Scav, what with the tools and such, so I need a place to dump that stuff. If there'll be anyone available to let me into Burton-Judson that morning I could leave them there, and not have to transport them later to HQ. Whether or not I do that, I also need a crash pad for Tuesday night, which isn't hard, but does need to get settled. From Wednesday forward I'll be operating out of FIST/Rösëbüd HQ.

If we've long-delayed hanging out pending, I'm all yours on Tuesday or for a day or two post-Judgement Day. I probably won't know when I'm leaving town until that weekend. I'll figure out where I'm staying the week following in that timeframe as well. My availability is reasonable, but touch and go, in media res.

Recalling ScavHunt '05: Our conniseur of the potato cannon surveys his equipment before a leisurely round of golf in which at least two of his projectiles will vaporize before reaching their target. 2005:05:07 14:02:52

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