August 27, 2004

Media and Software

Software is seductive. It has such potential to be useful.

Downhill Battle is an outfit looking to rewrite the rules of media culture, with the record label cartel particularly in their sights. The Labs will try to do this with software, by integrating the distributed collaborative nature of blog-like phenomena with new media distribution technology.

The AllAfrica Blogs is an aggregator of Africa-based blogs, in an attempt to inject the developing world into that of the predominantly wealthy, Caucasian digerati. Probably more on this another time.

And the banal (and tangentially related): the kernel hacker in charge of the PWC driver that runs Phillips webcams has thrown a hissy fit over kernel binary module policy and withdrawn his driver. While it is evidently his intention to take the ball home, the practical effect is simply that a new maintainer is needed (looks like the guys using Lava Lamps as RNGs are stepping up on that). Behold the world's easiest entry to Linux kernel developer status.

Posted by mill1974 at August 27, 2004 7:06 PM