September 21, 2004

Travel Blog Titles

Started working on graphics for the travel blog, to open here in a day or two. The most important factor, of course, remains: the title.

The following list wound up in my notepad. Some obvious themes seem to peek out.

  • Place, Deconstructed
  • Texan, Delocalized
  • Demythologizing Place
  • Geospatial Fetishization
  • Locality Fetishism
  • The Cult of Place
  • Anthrogeospatial Adventures
  • EGAD: Empirical GeoAnthrospatial Didacticism

I spent some time this afternoon making a cool graphic for the masthead if I settle on the last one there. Or, actually, anything that anacronizes to EGAD.

Of more concern out in the real world, of course, is setting up appropriate templates so as to avoid, gasp, exposing the public to the default MT style, and then writing up a few pilot posts about the recent trip to New York. Also, I might do some work at some point.

Late update: Sept. 23

And, we have settled on a rough blend of the above, in the grand tradition of not settling on a title. It is: EGAD ... or, (de)mythologozing the fetish of place. Check it out; I'm fond of the design. Vaguely reminiscent of sand and sea and sky.

Posted by mill1974 at September 21, 2004 7:52 PM