September 23, 2004


Obviously I knew of LJ -- any number of my friends use the thing, and apparently a significant chunk of the teenage-twentysomething set does likewise. So I was rather interested to run across this presentation on slashdot detailing the architecture and evolution of the system. Particularly when it led me to discover that the LJ software is actually open.

I must say, it always does my heart good to see a major software project running on Perl -- it may be my favorite language, but it just doesn't get the press of Java or the fanboy devotion of Python, despite being highly useful for the same sorts of tasks, and better at a number of them.

I'll even forgive them for rewriting memcached in C -- Perl isn't really made for pushing bits around, after all. Cool idea, by the way, to use spare memory on your servers as a distributed disk cache, although it seems that you must have an awfully fast and uncongested internal network for that to be faster than disk seeks.

Now I'm wondering if there are bits of the LJ code that would be useful for the ScavCode project. There are certainly ways in which a blog-like functionality could be a useful complement to the wiki paradigm, on the front end. On the back end, my hand-rolled database interface has always been a bit of a kludge, out of the necessity that one guy be able to maintain it. Maybe I should look into how LJ does it.

Posted by mill1974 at September 23, 2004 9:59 PM