October 16, 2004

Resources for Ancient Roman Life

In relation to the potential NaNoWriMo project, there is a handy page of links posted here at about.com regarding life in the classical world, and this list on social aspects of the same.

So far, this site is proving a particulary useful overview, although I would still like a good old-fashioned biblography. The Ancient History Sourcebook provides some of what I'd like in this regard, but the number of broken links is frustrating. However, knowing the titles of some resources can lead to tracking them down with Google.

This gigantic listing of maps online could be a goldmine. An interesting resource in this vein is a hydrological cartographic history of Rome. That one actually came from this list. The Roman Gazetteer looks handy in this regard as well.

Still working on the characters and plot, though. Given that I am also concentrating on the Scavhunt judge application and some fellowship applications in November, this project may or may not actually get off the ground.

Posted by mill1974 at October 16, 2004 1:16 PM