November 21, 2004

More Internet Packrat-ism

Should work Terrorism 101 into my next post on the Mideast's problems and America's role therein.

Two from Ha'aretz: this one on blaming Arafat, and this one on non-violence and the IDF that help explicate the mood here. is a good aggregator of media and essays on the Palestinians. Not un-biased, but it isn't exactly hard to find the other side's opinion, as any regional or American newspaper will suffice.

The Lancet study on Iraqi civilian deaths, I've already linked to. There's a good sequence of articles on the New Republic's blog, including an interview with one of the study PIs.

I had been collecting a few links about the running vote-hacking paranoia, but that's all over Blogistan now, so it would be somewhat redundant to post about at this late phase, and all too easy to find links to, anyway.

"Revolutionaries always come from the hills, never from the beach," says one Gush Katif resident of the difference between Gaza and West Bank settlers (this article is a good read for a number of reasons). Think about this distinction. The ending quote is also diagnostic: "Why can't we stay, they ask, bewildered. If the Palestinians would stop the terror, we could all be neighbours once more. What country would your neighbours be citizens of, I asked. And they stared at me and said they did not know."

Posted by mill1974 at November 21, 2004 12:05 PM