November 30, 2004

Google Scholar CV

Google Scholar comes to the rescue already!

So I've been working on the NSF fellowship application, and realized that I still don't have a good list of papers to list for my grid computing work. But this year I can hop over there and do a quick search for the same; sweet -- turns out I'm in the acknoledgements of a half dozen papers that I never saw.

No need to gripe that I should probably be a co-author on a couple of them, since that's not really my field anymore. Although it would be nice if, say, the SPIE could get its act together so the stuff that's in my field and for which I actually am a co-author would show up.

Currently, that list contains (those items that could in some sense be considered "published" and actually refer to me):

Posted by mill1974 at November 30, 2004 4:16 PM