January 4, 2005

Not quite bookmarks: software

Kieran Healy maintains an interesting weblog (one of the CT feeders). Still catching up on stuff I missed while traveling, ran across this today. Not unlike my own software recommendation rant, but more pointed, and of course somewhat specific to sociological (or at least statistics-heavy) academic work.

Led me to wonder if Unison mightn't solve some of my problems with having so many workstations and laptops in circulation.

Also got me back to thinking about general ways of integrating literate programming into my workflow. I don't actually originate enough code or text for it to be an issue yet, but it will. And in a different direction, reminded me why I avoid word processors. Which in turn reminded me just how awful the revision control is in most such software (generally some combination of painful and incomplete). So now I'm inspired to make a more general habit of developing documents under some degree of RCS/CVS style management. RCS is better, for stuff I'm writing, since it works in-place. CVS forces you to keep a repository lying around.

Getting farther afield, a usability expert holds forth on CMSs with some observations that could be handy to keep in mind on PageCaptain. And someday, I may do something like this with the navidation functions, if the app continues to grow.

Posted by mill1974 at January 4, 2005 8:31 PM