May 10, 2005

PageCapt retrospective

In the aftermath of the Hunt, two categories of problem present themselves:

(Mind you, this is all separate from general complaints such as, "the site isn't very usable or intuitive." I know that already.)

Tasks People Couldn't Do

That is, things that needed to be done, but were impossible to do through the web interface. For instance,

  • Edit items. Now that we can input them, proofreading and correction seems mandatory.

Questions People Couldn't Ask

As opposed to things to do, these are questions people wanted to ask of the database, for which I had to manually log in and execute an SQL query to extract an answer (or, in a couple of cases, compose a custom page).

  • Which items' comments contain a key word?
  • Show me the phone number / meal points / talents for all users.
  • Which users use a keyword in their connections / talents?
  • Which users live in Burton-Judson?
    • Posted by mill1974 at May 10, 2005 11:42 PM