May 13, 2005

Batman is my savior

Priceless article in the Onion this week panning the Scientologists.

For classic absurdity, this quote wins:

"My personal savior is Batman," said Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Greg Jurgenson. "My wife chooses to follow the teachings of the Gilmore Girls. ..."

"Sure, it's total bullshit," Jurgenson added. "But that's Fictionology. Praise Batman!"

Whereas the toastiest clam-baking looks like this:

"Scientology is rooted in strict scientific principles, such as the measurement of engrams in the brain by the E-Meter," Kurz said. "Scientology uses strictly scientific methodologies to undo the damage done 75 million years ago by the Galactic Confederation's evil warlord Xenu—we offer our preclear followers procedures to erase overts in the reactive mind. Conversely, Fictionology is essentially just a bunch of make-believe nonsense."
Posted by mill1974 at May 13, 2005 9:51 PM