May 14, 2006

ScavHunt generally, and the FIST in particular, are the most amazing communities I've ever had the joy of existing within. However, they're very ephemeral, and before and after, somewhat fragmented. This is less true among the Hyde Park residents who daily inhabit this physical, if not particular, mileaux. And what I really want is to live among them in this fantastic life they lead. But I can't, since I'm in Minneapolis.

The first step to change that is to keep the group in more active communication. Social networking tools could play a role here. A FIST blog community, for instance, as a natural outgrowth of e.g. the commenters on Connor's Blue Skies Falling could go a long way. So I'll send a poll to the FIST list shortly after the hunt asking if people would be interested in this, what format they'd prefer (blogspot, LJ community, wiki with forums, Facebook linkage, other).

The second step is to immerse myself in similar community structures in Minneapolis, and get away from the model of living out of my desk space in the lab. This will require that I be more directed and efficient in my research, so that my evenings are more routinely my own. It will also require that I identify and explore the social venues that provide the physical milieux for such communities.

Posted by mill1974 at May 14, 2006 7:42 PM