June 3, 2006

Scavvy Prospies

Here's an idea I saw floated recently as a way to counteract some of the perceived changes in culture at the UofC (i.e. away from us Life-of-the-Mind types who took pride in the "Where Fun Comes to Die" slogan and towards something more typical of your average high-end university): prospie the ScavHunt. Which is to say, organize a guerilla prospie weekend that coincides with the Scavenger Hunt, and distribute them to the teams as, I don't know, something like interns.

It seems to me that getting this off the ground could be logistically tricky, but given ScavHunt's standing, it shouldn't be hard to actually recruit the sort of students who would go for this. On the other hand, mixing high-school students with ScavHunt might be a recipe for the sort of shenanigans that would attract the Administration's attention very quickly.

Posted by mill1974 at June 3, 2006 3:45 AM