March 29, 2005


Latex is cool. Latex on blogs is an obvious application thereof.

LatexRender is a PHP script that does the usual Latex->ps->image conversion, a la LaTeX2HTML, but on-demand in response to stuff in a post/comment/whatever.

There's some preliminary work on getting it to integrate with DokuWiki, but it's not ready for prime time yet. Pity, since if we're going to be heavily using wiki sites for lab collaboration, this would be handy.

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March 25, 2005

Linux Math

List of mathematical software for Linux -- thorough.

I should spend some more time browsing around to find new tools of interest.

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March 20, 2005


I should look more closely into the destruction of the separation fence at Budrus recently. I first noticed this story in a passing mention in this Ha'aretz article about the demographic problems with the fence project in East Jerusalem.

ZNet claims that the IDF censored the story. I don't know the extent to which the IDF is involved in regulating the news here, so that's another thing I should investigate.

Tipped off by the ZNet story, I tracked down original coverage and photos from IMC Israel.

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March 7, 2005

Ended: Juvenile Capital Punishment

I'm the first to admit that I'm not remotely qualified to comment on the legal particulars of the decision, but in case I think of something later, here's some good commentary on the subject.

From a moral perspective, I can only applaud. Extra props to those justices that had the guts to refer to international law in formulating the opinion.

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