October 2, 2007

Working Links

Sy Hersh's article on the coming invasion of Iran: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2007/10/08/071008fa_fact_hersh?printable=true

Vaclav Havel on global warming: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/09/27/opinion/27havel.html?ex=1348545600&en=ade3d5bdf14b602a&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss


Planning for the eventual withdrawal in the New Yorker: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2007/09/17/070917fa_fact_packer?printable=true

A.V. Club idolizes the music of 1997; I remain skeptical: http://www.avclub.com/content/feature/it_was_40_10_years_ago_today_18/1

The relay computer is awesome: http://www.electronixandmore.com/project/relaycomputertwo/

"Order is illegal! It goes against the laws of thermodynamics!": http://dieselsweeties.com/archive.php?s=1778


Yours(1) Latino(2) Lover(3)

1) Not really "yours", more "community". I love "you" but "you" need to realize that I need to be seeing other people.
2) Not really "Latino". Unless of course my Spanish or Brazilian friends would like to name me an "honorary Latino" or "Latino by association". I'd be definitely down with that. The only food I can make that is eatable and doesn't force the fire department to evacuate the building before are nachos. I'm a definition of grace in the kitchen. "Whatever you have in the kitchen I will make it burn" is my motto. Plus I'm sporting quite an attitude to boot. "Make Zack a Latino" campaign. We can make it work!
3) Not really "lover". More "no feelings haver". Though technically I've worked on software for so long that hate is, next to sarcasm, my primary export.

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