August 12, 2004

Three Versions of Judas

"Three Versions of Judas" is a short story by Jorge Luis Borges. I found it in a collection of his works called Labyrinths. This is not a theological work, but some of the short stories do have interesting things to say about religion, Christianity in particular. I found "Three Versions of Judas" especially compelling.

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July 12, 2004


Emile Zola's portrayal of French mine workers, beaten down by poverty and lead by an outsider to rebel in a Marxian vein. Continue reading "Germinal"
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July 7, 2004

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Well I finally started reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig last night.

There seems to be 4 main characters. The first is the "main guy" (I don't think his name was said yet), the main guy's 11 year old son Chris, the main guy's good friend John, and John's wife Sylvia. The four are going on a road trip on of course, their motorcycles. So far, it has been hard for me to pay attention to the book, so I have only read the first chapter. The main conclusion of the first chapter seemed to be that the main guy thought that John and Sylvia were extremely scared of technological advances, and he compares this with "beatnick's" and "hippies". There is also a hint of information on Buddhism towards the end of the first chapter, but it seems kind of vague to me.

On to Chapter 2!

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July 6, 2004

Siddhartha Part 3

In the last section, Siddhartha had just left his lover Kamala. He returns to the ferryboat captain who he had befriended years ago. The captain allows Siddhartha to stay with him and help raise crops and drive the ferry. Siddhartha learns that there is much to learn from the river, a fact which the ferryman confirms. Continue reading "Siddhartha Part 3"
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June 24, 2004

Siddhartha Part 2

Okay, so maybe this book isn't big enough to be divided into this many entries, but its logically divided into certain parts, so this makes some sense. Continue reading "Siddhartha Part 2"
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