August 16, 2004


In order to fill space and meet my quota, I have prepared some thoughts on some recent words that I like and dislike. Since I'm in a good mood, lets start with the good words.
  • Faux-hawk (rhymes with 'mohawk') - This is the hairstyle where you jam all your hair into a ridge in the middle of your head and apply hair gel using a soup ladle so it stays and resembles a mohawk. Even if this wasn't the sweetest hairstyle in the world, the fact that it is described by such an awesome word would still make me want to try it.
  • Gigolo - This word doesn't really come up that often, except on Monday when I'm explaining to people what I did over the weekend. I wish my job was called 'gigolo.' Hmm... maybe if I start telling people I'm a gigolo, and that my job is programming computers, everyone will start referring to computer programmers as gigolos... its so crazy it just might work!

Expressions I do not like

  • Thats my opinion - Just so you know I'm not retarded, yes, I know Maddox has a rant where he says he hates it when people say "Thats just your opinion." My beef is much different. I hate when people say "Thats my opinion" as a shield to criticism. Like, "I think farts smell good, but thats my opinion." Basically, its just a way of saying, "I have no evidence or rational reason to support my belief, so I'll just say it's my opinion, thus making me immune to any argumentation techniques." Obviously its your opinion, how about giving me a reason why its your opinion.
  • Small miracle - I don't know who the a-hole is who started saying this, but I'm pretty sure he had some sort of anti-me agenda. I have news for you; miracles are not supposed to be small. A small miracle could also be called "an occurence of something." One of its uses is to allow otherwise rational people who recognize the ludicrousness of "large miracles" (such as those in various holy books) to still believe that some kind of miracle is happening. Only large miracles count from now on.
Posted by mill1991 at August 16, 2004 12:25 PM