April 23, 2006

I don't blame you for doubting me but I shall prevail!

I had the following conversation with my friend Ludacrits at a bar in Green Bay last weekend.

Luda: So what are you doing this summer?
Me: I'm going to slam dunk a basketball. [Ed: The original conversation was not hyperlinked]
Luda: (Incredulous laughter)
Me: Why don't you think I can do it?
Luda: Because you're a sub-six foot white guy.
Me: Have you been reading my blog?
Luda: No.
Me: Because I already addressed that concern on there. Well, do you want to put some money on..
Luda (interrupting): Yeah, I'll bet you $100 you can't do it.
Me (continuing): ... it for charity?
Luda: For charity? No thanks.

He had the #2 concern I originally listed almost verbatim! How well do I know my friends? Posted by mill1991 at April 23, 2006 6:57 PM