January 14, 2008

Tracklisting for my new hip-hop album

As most of you know, I am an aspiring hip-hop artist, and have been working on my album for quite some time now. Well, the time is here that I can announce several of the tracks on my upcoming album, with a short description of each of them.
  1. Let me tell you some things about me - This song is an introduction to my rapping persona. In it, I will tell you about some of my exploits, and through those stories you will learn something about my character. You will also learn about many of my possessions, because I will tell you all about them. During the chorus, some people will ask what my name is, and I will spell it or repeat it several times (still hammering out the chorus). I am thinking about having an alter ego, possibly going by the name Timmy Analog, or maybe just one name, like Garry.
  2. I have a sensitive side - This song is all about how even though I am really tough and from the street, I can also be very sensitive, as in with the ladies. Ne-Yo will sing on the chorus, about how I did something wrong, but it's because of my tough upbringing, and that I won't screw up again.
  3. My hometown is great - This song talks about my hometown, and how wonderful it is. I will describe how, in my hometown, everybody knows me, and there are several places where I go, and I then tell you what they are. My hometown contains several people who are great at rapping, and I will allow them to each rap for one verse of this song.
  4. I used to sell drugs - In this song, I will talk all about my days when I used to sell drugs, because that was the only way to survive on the tough streets which I grew up on. Now I am a famous rapper, and I don't do that anymore, but even then I was the best at it, and I was fairly rich from it. Dealing drugs can be very violent, but I will only refer to the violence in general terms.
  5. Man, is it hard being a famous rapper - This song talks about the perils of fame, the kind of fame that comes with being a successful and famous rapper. For instance, beautiful women are only with me sexually (sometimes 2 or 3 at a time) because I have money and am good at rapping. I would rather that they be with me sexually because of my eyes being a certain color, and how I let them go in doors before me. The other difficult thing about being a famous rapper is that when I hit someone with my car or strike a government official, everybody makes a big deal about it.
  6. I am good at pleasing women (sexually) - In this party song, I will rap all about sex and how I am good at it with women, who are always beautiful, and sometimes more than one at a time. This may seem to contradict the previous song, but that is evidence of my conflicted, complex persona. I will use many clever metaphors in my raps which, if you think about them, you can figure out that I am really talking about certain sexual activities. For instance, any time I refer to any kind of stick, I'm probably talking about my genitals. You'll have to figure out the rest for yourself!
  7. Let me tell you about more of my possessions - In the song introducing myself, I told you about many of my possessions. Now, I will talk about even more of them. I haven't finished this song yet, but as of right now in the first verse I am planning on telling you (in rap form) about all of the flat panel television sets that I own. I even have some old style CRT television sets which I store in my garage, but I don't think I'll rap about those.
Posted by mill1991 at January 14, 2008 12:38 PM