January 7, 2008

2007 Top 4 list of lists of lists

So, the new year is upon us, and I still haven't done any traditional posts wrapping up the year 2007. Everyone knows that the position of the earth relative to the sun last week was the exact best position for reflection upon all the time that has passed since the last time the earth was in that position. So without further ado, here is my list of the top lists of lists from last year.
  1. Top OMGLists of 2007 - The website omglists.com lists their top 10 lists of the last year. Oh boy is this an exciting list of lists! From funny, to touching, to sexy, to listy, this list has it all in terms of lists. You won't want to miss any of these lists, nor the things contained within each of the lists therein.
  2. List of significant lists on listverse.com
  3. - This list of lists really broke ground, since it not only lists best lists but it also lists worst lists. For my purposes, I don't know if I can really handle listing lists of lists that are not only good lists of lists but bad lists of lists.
  4. fimoculous.com's list of lists earns points for being the list of lists with possibly the greatest coverage. From lists of art to lists of music to lists of other things, this list of lists has all your list of lists needs covered.
  5. McSweeney's has an excellent list of their own best lists from the year. This list of lists is notable for it's comprehensive listing of lists, the quality and wit of each of the lists it lists, and the unordered nature of this list. Also of interest is that many of the lists it lists contain lists that are self-contained. That is, the lists it lists do not just link to other sites, they are complete in and of themselves. This can help prevent you from getting into an infinite internet list loop.
Well, that concludes the years roundup of lists of lists. With any luck, this post will end up on a list of the years bests lists of lists of lists. See you next year! Posted by mill1991 at January 7, 2008 9:22 PM