January 24, 2008

The events of last night from 2 AM to 9 AM

I got off the bus and started walking the last few blocks home. On my way, I noticed that it would be shorter if I cut through the rec center basketball courts, so I went in the side door. As I entered I saw many of my high school friends playing a pickup game. I remembered then that my friend Craig had sent out an e-mail a few weeks earlier asking people to join a regular pickup game with him, and that I had forgotten to respond, even though I wanted to play.

As I make my way around the court, Craig, assuming I came to play, says, "Hi Tim. Hey Joynt, tell Tim about the Wednesday sessions." Which was weird because Joynt was standing right next to him in the game, so I think Craig could've just told me himself. But anyways, Joynt tells me that Craig has set up this pickup game, but if you want to play in the game you have to come to a practice session on Wednesday nights. These practices are being held because Craig wants to wants to work on becoming a point guard, even though he is 6'6" or so. I say, mock breathlessly, "Oh my God! Craig is reinventing himself yet again!" like MTV hosts do whenever Madonna releases a new album. Everyone starts laughing uproariously at my joke, which I don't really get.

Then, in the game, Jared steals the ball, and is off on a breakaway. Except, instead of running to his basket, he purposely leaves the court to the side, still dribbling, racing to the hoop 2 courts over. When he gets to the hoop, he jumps up explosively, and throws down a massive tomahawk jam. Then, as soon as he lands, his phone starts ringing, and he pulls the phone out of his pants, answers, and starts a conversation with his mom. Someone says, in reference to Jared's dunk, "That hoop is only 7 feet high." I respond, "No, it's regular height, Jared just gets superpowers when his mom calls him." Everyone thinks that is hilarious too. Posted by mill1991 at January 24, 2008 9:54 AM