October 3, 2006

Today is the greatest day ever and I don't mean that sarcastically

Here's why:
  1. The greatest rock and roll band in the world, The Hold Steady, released their third album, Boys and Girls in America. Go check it out, you can stream the whole album!
  2. Another great band, The Decemberists, released their best album ever, The Crane Wife. Go check out the first single from the CD!
  3. Finally, and most importantly, The Packers cut Ahmad Carroll, which is the second greatest advancement in the game of American football behind only the invention of the forward pass. This guy was hardly ever facing the right direction, and almost never in the vicinity of his man, and if he was it was only because he was riding on his back (that is a penalty in the NFL). And yet somehow he was constantly talking trash! How is this possible? He is so bad, I felt the need to call up #1 Dad during last night's game just to say "Ahmad Carroll is a huge fucking embarrassment." But finally the Packers saw the light and released him, and I was so excited I wrote my first blog post in almost two months.
Posted by mill1991 at 9:19 PM