October 5, 2004

An introduction to Chris Samp

This website is dedicated to the greatest football player in college right now, and possibly ever. For now, he is a well-kept secret. Playing at Division II Winona State in Winona, MN, he is able to avoid the distractions of a larger program that could cause his multiple talents to go undeveloped. Soon enough the whole country will hear the name of Chris Samp being announced at the Downtown Athletic Club in New York City as he receives the Heisman Trophy. But, for now, here is a short introduction to the man they call SuperSamp.

  • Full name: Christopher Samp
  • High School: Green Bay Preble, Class of 1999

    Samp was involved in many extracurricular activities besides football. He was Grandmaster of the Chess Club, Chief Retorician of the Debate Team and Czar of the Student Council. Prior to his appointment as czar this was an elected position. The student body flourished to such an extent under his rule that he was declared czar by popular opinion.

  • College: Winona State University

    Winona State is widely regarded as the greatest educational institution in the midwest, if not the entire country. If Jesus had lived in America, he would have gone to Winona State.

  • Position: Wide Receiver

    Samp has scholars of the game redefining the way they think about "positions." Should he be considered "merely" a wide receiver in light of the profound way he can influence an entire game? Many say a new description is needed in order to fully account for his greatness. Proposed titles include "Hyper-juggernaut extreme", "Offensivus Maximus", and "G.O.A.T" (Greatest Of All Time).

Posted by mill1991 at October 5, 2004 10:34 PM