October 10, 2004

Winona State vs. Bemidji State Recap

Okay, here is where I would normally exaggerate Chris Samp's greatness to comedic effect. Typically it is difficult to exaggerate how great Samp is because the English language simply contains a small set of descriptions that actually overstate his awesomeness. After his latest performance, however, I dare say that exaggeration is impossible.

Samp once again led the way for Winona State's unstoppable air raid, hauling in six catches for 217 yards, an average of 36.2 yards per catch. Most receivers would simply go down after the 36 yards, but Samp is not content with a mere 36 yards. No, he stretches and pummels his way for that extra two tenths of a yard. Samp also scored two touchdowns (76 and 71 yards) in leading Winona State to a 41-28 victory.

All the extra attention paid to Samp also allowed teammate Jeff Ellestad to pull in nine catches for 138 yards, also an impressive showing. It may be only a matter of time before Mr. Ellestad is in contention for a Heisman Trophy of his own. Posted by mill1991 at October 10, 2004 6:10 PM