October 29, 2004

Winona State vs. Wayne State Preview

This Saturday Winona State hits the gridiron against Wayne State. Last year the Warriors from Winona State stormed into Wayne, Nebraska, and demolished the Warriors from Wayne State, burning down their huts and killing their women and children in the process in a 38-13 massacre.

Last year Chris Samp was held to six catches for 89 yards and one score, as the game was easily in hand early and Winona State turned to the ground game. This may be a good time to mention Samp's versatility. Because of his Hulk-like physique and relentless motor, Samp is a dominating blocker when he is not running perfectly crisp pass routes or breezing into the endzone with another touchdown score. In last year's game, Winona State rushed for 244 yards on 40 carries. Unfortunately, "devastating blocks" is not yet an official statistical category, but there's no doubt who would be leading the nation in that category if it existed (Samp).

You may be aware of the second best receiver in Minnesota, Randy Moss, and his tendency to "take a play off" now and again, as well as his girlish blocking ability. Rest assured, Chris Samp does not take any plays off. In fact, his speed allows him to sometimes run two plays in one down. He'll run a 50-yard go route, and after that's finished, come back in time to block for the screen pass play that was actually called. Posted by mill1991 at October 29, 2004 10:37 AM