October 31, 2004

Winona State vs. Wayne State Recap

This Saturday in Winona, Minnesota, the Warriors once again prevailed over a conference foe, defeating Wayne State 27-14 while clinching first place in the NSIC. Heisman hopeful Chris Samp carried the torch for Winona State like Ace Ventura in the bat caves of the Wachati, hauling in ten passes for 155 yards and three touchdowns.

Every week I write a preview with bold predictions, and every week I end up writing a recap that goes even further beyond what I predicted to describe what Samp actually did. For a split second the thought occurred to me that maybe people are growing tired of hearing of Samp's amazing talents and accomplishments. I quickly regained my sanity and realized that getting sick of Samp's accomplishments is like getting sick of Jesus' love.

"Wait a second," you might be thinking. "Did he just compare Chris Samp to Jesus of Nazareth?" Yes, yes I did. Sure, Jesus may have cured more blind people and risen from the dead more often, but there is no doubt that Samp has the edge in the 40, the bench press, and the Wonderlic test. Posted by mill1991 at October 31, 2004 4:26 PM