November 16, 2004

Winona State vs. Grand Valley State Recap

Chris Samp and his Winona State Warrior's season came to an abrupt ending on Saturday afternoon against the reigning DII national champions Grand Valley State. Samp put forth yet another amazing performance in a game that came down to the final play. His seven catches for 134 yards and a touchdown brought his season totals to 78 catches for 1588 yards and 22 touchdowns over 12 games. Samp sustained an early injury to his right forearm, and team doctors said he might never be able to walk again. But Samp ripped a metal pole out of the bleachers, heated it red hot at a local blacksmith's shop, and proceeded to cauterize his wound. He then went right back on the field to continue his dynamic play.

On the second to last play from scrimmage, an opponent "mistakenly" stepped on his arm as he dove to get out of bounds. After the game I got a close-up of the arm, and it was swollen up as large as his bicep, which is about as big as my upper thigh. Popeye could eat a truckload of spinach and his forearms wouldn't get that large.

It was an exciting game, but Winona State fell 16-13 despite leading Grand Valley State in first downs, total yardage, and obscenities yelled by drunken students. Chris Samp's quest to win the Heisman Trophy is not done, though. Granted, now that the season is over, he can't accumulate more statistics. But Heisman voters aren't swayed only by mindless, cold statistics (even though Samp's are punch-in-the-face amazing). The man behind the statistics is just as important. So, since the games are over, the focus turns to highlighting the selflessness and humanitarianism embodied in Christopher Samp. Posted by mill1991 at November 16, 2004 10:03 AM