December 5, 2004

Chris Samp's name misspelled on Harlon Hill finalist list

Well, the final three candidates for the Harlon Hill Trophy (red-headed step child to the Heisman Trophy) have been released, and boy, the National Harlon Hill Award Committee must be embarrassed. On their website, they not only misspelled Samp's name, but they got his school, number, position, height, weight, bio, and picture wrong as well. The candidates listed are Drew Beard, Chad Friehauf, and Derrick Wimbush. I'm not sure which one is the mistake, since none of the information is even a close approximation to how Samp spells his name and various other information. This has to be a black eye for the organization, which is trying to gain some credibility in awarding the best football player in division II, especially after last year's debacle in which an administrative mix-up resulted in wheelchair-bound astrophysicist Stephen Hawking winning the award. Nonetheless, Hawking recognized the prestige of the award and placed in a prominent position on his mantel after first using it to knock off his Albert Einstein Award. Posted by mill1991 at December 5, 2004 1:44 PM