August 17, 2005

Word of his greatness spreads far and wide

Check out the following Samp-related news efforts: Noticably absent from this list is any coverage from, a website with (until now) a very credible reputation.
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August 16, 2005

This just in: Samp still awesome

This website has been getting many hits and comments of late, due to Samp's signing a free agent contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. I thought the least I could do is put some of the latest tidbits of news about the golden child out on the main page. So here goes:
  • Samp played sparingly in the Eagles first preseason game, no doubt because the Eagles, already thin at receiver, need him to be healthy for when the bullets are live. Nonetheless, he managed to lead the Eagles in receiving with one catch for 67 yards.
  • As good of a player as Samp is (he's the best, in case you were unsure), he is an even better person. A recent commenter left a note about a good deed of Samp's that can only be described as Jesus-esque. And unlike most of Samp's good deeds told on this site, it sounds like it actually happened. You can read about it near the bottom of this page (Look for a comment left by a M(r/s). NotWearingPants).
  • Samp is widely expected by experts to be the number one pick in most Fantasy Football drafts. Normally receivers aren't as highly valued as running backs and quarterbacks, but remember, Samp is only considered a receiver because the NFL hasn't officially recognized his actual position of hyper-juggernaut extreme.
Posted by mill1991 at 9:28 AM