In the spirit of International Buddy-dom, we (the program assistants) are going to tell you all a little bit about ourselves.  Please see the comments of this entry to read all about us :-) We look forward to meeting you all in August!

Rose, Cherry, Sukai, and Tori



My name is Rose and I am a senior. I study interior design in the college of design. I am from Taiwan and I speak mandarin chinese and taiwanese. I am the Buddy coordinator along with Cherry for the internationl buddy program. I will help with the matching of the buddies. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about matching!

I am Sukai and my major is Statistics. I love numbers! This is my 4th year in college but only 1st year in the U. I'm in charge of event planing and finances of IBP. We are trying our best to make the program SUPER FUN! Hope you'll like it.
If you have any suggestions, thoughts or ideas for IBP, like what events we put on, any good games you know, what food you'd like to have, etc. please do contact me, let's make it better together!

Sukai... I also love numbers.. maths and physics are my type of subjects..

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